Asset Management Planning for Municipalities

MFOA is pleased to announce that the AMP it Up Program is being offered in partnership with the Government of Ontario. We are up and running with 170 Municipalities currently participating in the program! Don’t miss out on your chance to participate and take advantage of free consulting help to move your Asset Management Planning forward.

CLICK HERE for a one-page information flyer on the AMP it up Program and information how you can register today.
CLICK HERE to view the recent news release from the Ministry of Infrastructure on the MFOA’s AMP it up program.

Your Toolkit to Asset Management

Asset Management Communities of Practice Guide: This Guide, prepared by MFOA with the support of the Government of Ontario, provides practical recommendations for the development of asset management communities of practice. The Guide is intended to assist municipal staff in developing and maintaining their own communities of practice to best meet their needs. 
Click here to access the Guide.

Asset Management Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) and Maturity Framework: With MFOA’s 2018 updated SAT and Maturity Framework, municipalities can identify their current levels of maturity for each asset management area and potential approaches for moving to higher levels of maturity over time. The updated SAT and Maturity Framework includes modified questions, improved functionality, and it is consistent with the requirements of O. Reg. 588/17 (under the Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act). Click here to learn more or click here to view the SAT.  

Strategic Asset Management Policy Toolkit: All municipalities are required to adopt strategic AM policies by January 1, 2019 and update them at least every five years from that date. In light of the specific requirements within the proposed AM regulation, MFOA is developing a Strategic Asset Management policy toolkit and templates for use by the municipal sector. This project was funded in part by the Government of Ontario. Click here to access the toolkit.




MFOA has developed a vast amount of Asset Management-related documents, tools & templates, and training to help municipalities better understand and manage the process as they move through their asset management plan.
Click here to view Asset Management Resources Kit

Asset Management Roadmap: MFOA and AMO/LAS, have developed a ‘multi-year road map’ that will help municipalities plan their training needs. The road map will outline comprehensive just-in-time training that will be delivered in multiple stages over several years. Each stage will be separated by several months to allow lessons from the prior stage to be absorbed and implemented before moving onto the next stage.
The road map is intended to be a living document. It will be revised along the way as we continually gather new information and updates from key stakeholders, including you.
Click here to view Asset Management Roadmap

Policy & Asset Management: Policy has developed numerous documents, tools & templates, collected interviews, best practices and case studies.
Click here to view full Asset Management policy listing
Click here to view over 100 Asset Management Virtual Library resources (Click on the Infrastructure and Asset Management Folder)

Training & Asset Management: Training has worked with industry experts and have developed and continue to develop Asset Management training, including the Asset Management Roadmap in partnership with LAS/AMO.
Click here to view full Asset Management training listing


OnDemand Asset Management Training:

Jan 22/15
Asset Management: Basics of Service Delivery Levels - General
Jan 22/15
Asset Management Webinar: Interactive Panel Discussion
April 8/15
Asset Management Strategy: Adjusting Your Forecast - Part 1 of 2
April 22/15
Asset Management Strategy: Adjusting Your Forecast - Part 2 of 2
Nov 29/14
Asset Management Webinar Series: Asset Inventory - Refining Your Costs, Valuation and Condition - Webinar 2 of 2
Nov 6/14
Asset Management Webinar Series: Asset Inventory - Refining Your Costs, Valuation and Condition - Webinar 1 of 2
Aug 12/14
AM Webinar Series: Rounding Up Asset Management Tools - New & Existing Part 2: Tools, Tips and Next Steps
Aug 5/14
AM Webinar Series: Rounding Up Asset Management Tools - New & Existing Part 1: Tools, Tips and Next Steps
July 17/14
AM Webinar: PSAB 3150 vs AM
April 23/14
AM Webinar: Best Practises in AM
Mar 26/14
AM Symposium
Nov 6/13
AM Webinar: Using Risk to Build an Asset Prioritization Process
>May 14/13
AM Webinar Series (in partnership with OGRA)– Part 5: Accountability of your AMP, Are Service Levels Being Met?
Apr 30/13
AM Webinar Series (in partnership with OGRA) – Part 4: Funding Your Asset Management plan: Financial and Technical Strategy
Apr 23/13
AM Webinar Series (in partnership with OGRA) – Part 3: Assessing the State of Your Infrastructure
Apr 16/13
AM Webinar Series (in partnership with OGRA) – Part 2: What Do I need to Build An Asset Management Plan? Data Review
Apr 16/13
AM Webinar Series (in partnership with OGRA) – Part 1: Getting Started on your Asset Management Plan

All 5 Steps to Developing an Asset Management Plan (in partnership with OGRA) BEST VALUE!


MFOA's Asset Management Tools

 With support from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs  (MMA), MFOA has a number of tools for municipalities related to asset management.

The tools include: Six AM tip sheets:
  • Tip sheet 1 reporting to council on asset management plans.
  • Tip sheet 2 meeting requirements of Ontario Regulation 284/09.
  • Tip sheet 3 budgeting for long term asset management including potential revenue streams and debt management strategies.
  • Tip sheet 4 integrating asset management into long-term financial planning and strategic planning.
  • Tip sheet 5 council decision-making based on the evidence from the asset management plan. Tips to assist with asset management related decisions on issues such as: funding, infrastructure deficits, setting priorities and expanding capital budgets when appropriate.
  • Tip sheet 6 questions and answers about asset management planning and implementation.

Interview series: Asset Management in Practice & Highlights

How do municipal asset management systems work in practice? How do municipal approaches compare? MFOA Staff interviewed municipalities from inside and outside of Ontario to understand how the asset management function works in different contexts. Click here for the interview series and highlights.

Leading Practices in Developing an Asset Management Plan

Click here for a standard asset management plan framework, leading practices for developing an asset management plan, other resources and templates, as well as alternate frameworks to build your plan around. Can be used to develop plans and implement processes from the bottom up and to evaluate the effectiveness of existing asset management programs.

Demystify the Municipal Infrastructure Deficit: Performance Scorecard, Communications Tips and Funding Strategies

Click here to access the tools that make up the series aim to help municipalities: (Part A) Quantify the local infrastructure funding deficit through a Microsoft Excel template and user guide; (Part B) Communicate with the public about deficits through quick tips and a template infrastructure flyer; and (Part C) Consider the right mix of revenue and cost recovery tools available to manage funding gaps through a comprehensive inventory of the major tools.

2016 Deflator Tables

Click here to access deflator tables that take into account this past year's inflation are now ready. The tables will allow you to approximate costs when accounting for your older capital assets.

Asset Management Players and Roles
Click here to access a summary table on the major players in municipal asset management and information on the roles they play. Includes useful links and important dates. 

Over 100 Virtual Library Asset Management Resources – FOR MEMBERS ONLY:

Need more? The Virtual Library has a large collection of asset management resources in the Infrastructure and Asset Management shelf. Check out the following titles in the library to get you started:
  • RFP for Asset Management Plan Development;
  • Water Asset Management Plan;
  • Towards Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure Asset Management;
  • Municipal Asset Management and Financial Planning in Smaller Municipalities.
If you're not a MFOA member yet, please contact Julie Turcsanyi at for further details.


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