Basics of Service Delivery Levels - General
Basics of Service Delivery Levels - General
We will provide some tangible examples to walk through a basic three step process of establishing levels of service:
  1. Establish what services are provided by the asset.
  2. Develop a performance metric that will be used to evaluate the level of service that is being delivered.
  3. Establish a target level at which the service should be delivered.

The basic process will demonstrate how an organization can prepare strategies to:
  • Achieve their target service levels.
  • Report on how well the services are meeting their target levels.
  • Establish a clear linkage to the financial implications of providing higher/lower service levels.
  • Engage their community in discussions on the willingness to pay for higher service levels.

Who Should Attend?
The webinar is designed for finance officers, treasurers, engineers, and any other municipal representative who is engaged in the process of providing services to residents.

About Your Speakers:

Nick Larson is a consulting engineer with GM BluePlan Engineering where he works with municipalities on a variety of asset management and infrastructure planning initiatives.

Andrew Mirabella joined the municipal finance practice at Hemson Consulting Inc. as a Consultant in the summer of 2009. He has been involved in projects dealing with asset management, setting water and wastewater rates and preparing development charges background studies for various municipalities in Ontario. Andrew received his Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning from Ryerson University.
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