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Here is the full list of legislative updates we are currently tracking.

1092.CurrentBills4/3/2024 12:00:00 AMBill 162, Get It Done Act, 2024https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/bills/parliament-43/session-1/bill-162#BK3Referred to Standing Committee on Heritage, Infrastructure, and Cultural Policy on March 7, 2024This Bill amends many acts including the Environmental Assessment Act. If passed, the Act is amended to include clarification that expropriation is one of the ways property can be acquired for a project prior to completion of the environmental assessment project
1102.CurrentBills4/3/2024 12:00:00 AMBill 168, Stormwater Flood Prevention Act, 2024https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/bills/parliament-43/session-1/bill-168Lost on Divison on March 25, 2024The Bill enacts the Stormwater Flood Prevention Act, 2024 to require the Minister to publish a Low Impact Development Stormwater Management Guidance Manual in the form of a guidance document that provides technical and procedural guidance for planning, design and operation of stormwater management practices, and to update the Manual every 10 years.
1132.CurrentBills4/3/2024 12:00:00 AMBill 170, Keeping People Housed Act, 2024https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/bills/parliament-43/session-1/bill-170First Reading carried on March 6, 2024The Municipal Act and the City of Toronto Act are amended to strengthen rental accommodation when demolition of buildings results in a loss of 6 or more rental units.
1142.CurrentBills4/3/2024 12:00:00 AMBill 175, Building Universal and Inclusive Land Development in Ontario Act, 2024https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/bills/parliament-43/session-1/bill-175First reading carried on March 19, 2024The Bill amends the Planning Act to state that official plans and zoning by-laws may not have the effect of prohibiting the use of four or fewer residential units on specified parcels of urban residential land.
1152.CurrentBills4/3/2024 12:00:00 AMBill 180, Building a Better Ontario Act (Budget Measures), 2024https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/bills/parliament-43/session-1/bill-180First reading carried on March 26, 2024The Bill carries legislative changes as a result of the 2024 Ontario budget, including enacting the Building Ontario Fund Act, which amends the purpose and role of the Ontario Infrastructure Bank.
1082.CurrentBills2/28/2024 12:00:00 AMBill 156, Homes You Can Afford in the Communities You Love Act, 2024https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/bills/parliament-43/session-1/bill-156Order referred to Standing Committee on Heritage, Infrastructure and Cultural Policy on February 22, 2024The Bill amends the Planning Act to increase the housing supply in Ontario, requires official plans to contain policies authorizing the use of up to 4 residential units in different housing types, as well as authorizing midrise housing developments ranging from six to 11 stories on major streets, including along transit corridors.
822.CurrentBills11/28/2022 12:00:00 AMBill 44, Building More Homes by Ending Exclusionary Zoning Act, 2022https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/bills/parliament-43/session-1/bill-44First reading carried on November 22, 2022The Bill amends the Planning Act to require official plans to contain policies authorizing, in areas of settlement, the use of up to four residential units in a detached house, semi-detached house or rowhouse as well as multi-unit residential buildings of up to four stories.
832.CurrentBills11/28/2022 12:00:00 AMBill 45, Building More Homes on Major Streets and Transit Corridors Act, 2022https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/bills/parliament-43/session-1/bill-45First reading carried on November 22, 2022The Bill amends the Planning Act to require official plans to contain policies that authorize, in areas of settlement, midrise housing developments ranging from six to 11 stories on major streets, including along transit corridors.
1114.RegConClosed4/3/2024 12:00:00 AMProposal to create regulation to support implementation of the GO Transit Station Funding Act, 2023https://www.ontariocanada.com/registry/view.do?postingId=46493&language=enComments closed on March 29, 2024The Ministry of Infrastructure is developing the regulation to implement the Station Contribution Fee and invites input from stakeholders. As part of this consultation, the Ministry of Infrastructure is seeking feedback on the anticipated costs and benefits of implementing the regulation for the Station Contribution Fee.
1124.RegConClosed4/3/2024 12:00:00 AMNew regulation to focus municipal environmental assessment requirementshttps://www.ontariocanada.com/registry/view.do?postingId=45608&language=enConsultation closed on March 18, 2024The Province is proposing a new environmental assessment regulation for municipal infrastructure that puts the focus on certain water, shoreline and sewage system projects.

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