Asset Management Strategy: Adjusting Forecasts Part 1
Asset Management Strategy: Adjusting Forecasts Part 1
Who Should Attend:
This workshop is designed for CAOs, Treasurers, Finance Officers, and other Department Representatives that are interested in learning about asset management practices or are responsible for asset management planning.

Arunas Kalinauskas, B.Sc. Geomatics, has over 25 years of experience. He has focused his work on the development of applications and commercialization of GIS technology.  Arunas has been leading the Burnside Asset Management team for the last 10 years. As such he has also lead developers, and strategic partners in the development of easy to use effective asset management and capital planning tools.  In this role Arunas has been formulating solutions that combine client expectations, with engineering expertise gathered from Burnside’s engineering staff. Arunas has lead teams of staff and partners through the complex process and completion of many Municipal Asset Management Plans, for municipalities ranging from rural communities to large urban centres. He has also provided consulting input to both Municipal and First Nation asset management strategies.

Dan Wilson is a Director with Watson & Associates.  He has extensive experience in the areas of municipal finance and municipal auditing with seven years of industry practice with municipal governments and public accounting/auditing firms before joining Watson.  Since joining Watson in 2006, Dan has led the Asset Management, PSAB Compliance (tangible capital assets and full accrual financial statement presentation) and Water/Wastewater Financial Plan (Ontario Regulation 453/07) services.

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