Asset Management Webinar: PSAB 3150 vs. Asset Management
Asset Management Webinar: PSAB 3150 vs. Asset Management
This course will include:
  • Importance of having ONE inventory
  • Asset componentization and hierarchy - what does it look like?
  • Dynamic vs snap shot in time
  • When do projects become assets? ie: PS 3150 and AMP
  • Reconciling inventories with different time frames (looking backward for financial statements and forward for AMPs)
  • Do my assumptions and policies need to be the same for all uses?
  • Costing of assets vs costing of projects 

Who Should Attend:
This workshop is designed for CAOs, Treasurers, Finance Officers, and other Department Representatives that are interested in learning about asset management practices or are responsible for asset management planning.

About your Course Leader:
Watson & Associates Economists is one of Canada’s leading economic consulting firms and is widely recognized as a leading authority on the fiscal aspects of the municipal government and school board sector.  Watson & Associates has been involved in many aspects of municipal finance, including asset management and fiscal impact related services.

Dan Wilson is a Director with Watson & Associates.  He has extensive experience in the areas of municipal finance and municipal auditing with seven years of industry practice with municipal governments and public accounting/auditing firms before joining Watson.  Since joining Watson in 2006, Dan has led the Asset Management, PSAB Compliance (tangible capital assets and full accrual financial statement presentation) and Water/Wastewater Financial Plan (Ontario Regulation 453/07) services.
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