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All MFOA members are welcome to submit documents for MFOA's Virtual Library. These documents are meant to act as helpful resources for fellow municipal finance officers. To submit a document, please upload the document below and provide us with some short information regarding yourself and the document. Please note that all submissions are subject to review by MFOA staff and it is not guaranteed that the documents will be featured on the Virtual Library. For more information please see the Disclaimer below.

You must login prior to uploading a document.

Eligible Submissions: ​MFOA is seeking out documents that will be a useful resource for municipal finance officers. Documents submitted must be public domain and/or provided with consent by original author, organization or municipality. As such, the following documents are considered eligible submissions:

  • Municipal Policies;
  • Standard Operating Procedures;
  • Request for Proposals;
  • Presentations on Relevant Topics;
  • Academic Papers on Relevant Topics;
  • Research Projects on Relevant Topics;
  • Policy Briefs on Relevant Topics;
  • Municipal Bylaws;
  • Municipal Strategic Plans;
  • Financial Reports;
  • Finance Templates; and
  • Asset Management Plans.

Ineligible Submissions: Documents that are not of public domain and are unauthorized by the author will be ineligible for the Virtual Library. If you are unsure whether the document pertains to a relevant topic, feel free to submit the content with a note or email for more information.

Your Rights:

  • The author, organization, or municipality will continue to hold all rights to the document. 
  • Your submission of the document authorizes MFOA to publish it into the Virtual Library and potentially feature the document in future promotional materials (such as the MFOA e-Newsletter).
  • Accepted submissions will credit the person who submits the document. 





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