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Candidate Skills and Experience

Please answer the questions regarding the skills and experience of the employee you are seeking on each tab. If the answer is not relevant to your search, select the ‘None’ option for both the experience and proficiency level.

Database Sections

The database is broken down into a general section, plus the four sections of MFOA’s “The Evolving Role of the Municipal Treasurer as CFO and Strategist”. Each section contains questions about the following information.

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This tab contains general information about the candidate.


This section focuses on the candidate’s skills and experience related to direction and decision support.


This section focuses on the candidate’s skills and experience related to accountability.


This section focuses on the candidate’s skills and experience related to controllership.


This section focuses on the candidate’s skills and experience related to being a partner and leader.

Experience and Proficiency Levels


Candidates indicate their years of experience with a competency by selecting the applicable time range: None; < 1 year; 1 – 5 years; 5 – 10 years; or 10+ years.

Proficiency Levels

Candidates indicate their proficiency with activities by selecting the applicable proficiency level. There are four levels that pertain to the proficiency or mastery of a competency, as shown in the table below. The key experience descriptions of each level build upon the previous in an ascending numerical order from Level 1 (Basic) to Level 4 (Expert). In other words, to achieve a Level 2 rating on a particular competency, one must be proficient in the key experience of Level 1.

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Level Title Description
None No experience Applicant has no experience with this competency.
1 Basic Understanding Applicant has common knowledge or an understanding of basic techniques and concepts - the level of experience gained in a classroom and/or experimental scenarios or as a trainee on-the-job. You are expected to need help when performing this skill.
  • Focus is on learning and developing through on-the-job experience
  • Applicant understands and can discuss terminology, concepts, principles, and issues related to this competency
  • Applicant uses the full range of reference and resource materials in this competency
2 Working Experience Applicant has successfully completed tasks in this competency as part of a role in a finance department. Help from an expert may be required from time to time, but you can usually perform the skill independently.
  • Focus is on applying and enhancing knowledge or skill
  • Applicant has applied this competency to situations occasionally needing minimal guidance to perform the work successfully
  • Applicant understands and can discuss the application and implications of changes to processes, policies, and procedures in this area
3 Extensive Experience Applicant perform the actions associated with this skill without assistance. You are recognized within your immediate organization as "a person to ask" when difficult questions arise regarding this skill.
  • Focus is on broad organizational/professional/municipal issues
  • Consistently provided practical/relevant ideas and perspectives on process or practice improvements which may easily be implemented
  • Capable of coaching others in the application of this competency by translating complex nuances relating to this competency into easy to understand terms
  • Extensive senior level discussions regarding this competency including Councils
  • Assist in the development of reference and resource materials in this competency
4 Subject Matter Expert Applicant is an expert in this area.
  • Focus is strategic
  • Demonstrated consistent excellence in applying this competency across multiple projects and/or organizations
  • Considered the “go to” person in this area internally and/or by variety of organizations
  • Developed new applications for and/or lead the development of reference and resource materials for this competency

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