Step 1: Getting Started On Your Asset Mgmt. Plan
Step 1: Getting Started On Your Asset Mgmt. Plan
Who Should Attend?
These webinars have been designed for council and municipal staff at all levels of the organization (senior management, finance officers, treasurers and managers responsible for various asset types) and offer an overview of the asset management process.

What you will Learn:

  • Which asset types to include in the AMP
  • Should an AMP be implemented in a staged approach? Or should all assets be included all at once?
  • An AMP demands quality, reliable data for each asset type. Exactly what data do I need?
    • Is there a preferred data format?
    • What constitutes quality data?
    • How should I address data gaps? In-house data collection versus hiring a consultant
  • How to incorporate customer expectations for asset condition and performance into the AMP
  • How will resource allocation decisions be affected by the AMP?
  • How do I set asset performance targets? How can I confirm that performance goals and objectives are being met?
  • What are the long term financial planning considerations?
    • How can I ensure long term affordability?
    • Where are the funding gaps?
  • How do I forecast relevant expenses and revenue sources?
  • Who is responsible at each level within the municipality (Council, senior management, asset owner and finance)?

Your Presenters are:

Brian Anderson, C.E.T. is the Manager of Member/Technical Services for the Ontario Good Roads Association. Brian provides technical advice to municipalities and advocates on their behalf regarding provincial legislation, regulations and standards affecting municipal infrastructure. He has authored numerous papers and guidelines for municipal infrastructure management. He brings over 35 years of experience building, maintaining and managing infrastructure at both the provincial and municipal level.

Dan Cowin is the Executive Director of MFOA. Dan has over 20 years experience in the field of municipal finance. He gained direct municipal experience from time spent at the Region of Peel and the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto. He also advised municipalities on finance issues as a senior consultant working for Hemson Consulting.

Craig Davidson, M.A. is the CAO/Treasurer of the Municipality of Hastings Highlands. Prior to joining the municipal sector eight years ago, he was an auditor for the municipal and not-for-profit sectors for 18 years. Craig is well versed in many aspects of municipal government including emergency management, human resources, and capital planning and budgeting. He currently serves as a Director of the Ontario Good Roads Association and earned a Master of Arts degree in Public Administration.

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