Mastering the Budget Process
Mastering the Budget Process
Mastering the Budget Process - From Planning to Presenting to Council Workshop

Workshop Overview:
This workshop is designed to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the overall budget process, budgeting approaches, and legislative requirements as well as exploring the latest trends such as multi-year, service-based and carbon-based budgeting.

What You Will Learn:
Budgets are one of the most important and fundamental responsibilities municipal officials have. This workshop will examine the budget process from preparation to implementation and management. The topics will include:
  • Why are budgets important?
  • Municipal budget and legislative requirements
  • Budget cycle, roles and process
  • Budget Approaches – zero-based, incremental, priority driven, participatory
  • Different budget considerations (e.g., multi-year, climate change/carbon-based, capital budget, financing and DCs, municipal infrastructure and asset management planning)
  • Property Tax and MPAC Reassessment
  • Reserves and Reserve Funds
  • Balancing the budget shortfall
  • Communicating the budget

Who Should Attend:
Corporate Finance staff including Treasurers, Budget Analysts and Managers of Finance and CAOs, as well as Operational Finance staff including Department Managers, new local government finance professionals, Department Heads, elected officials and other staff who are responsible for, or involved in the budget process.

This workshop will provide you with best practices, budget process timelines and approaches, and introduce case studies that will explore all major steps in the budget process with an emphasis on improved decision-making.

About Your Speakers:
Donna Herridge - is MFOA’s Executive Director. She is a CPA CA with 25 years of municipal finance experience. During her career, her focus was on “predicting the future” with an emphasis on financial forecasting and asset management. Donna is a past President and Board member of MFOA as well as serving on various GFOA committees.

Susan Cunningham - retired from the City of Mississauga after more than 30 years in municipal finance. She is currently under contract at MFOA working on special projects. During her career with Mississauga, Susan held a number of positions including; Senior Policy Analyst in Financial Planning, Manager, Development Financing & Reserve Funds and Manager, Corporate Asset Management. Most of her experience is with a focus on capital budgeting, development charges and more recently, asset management.
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