Developing a Finance Strategy - Part 4
Developing a Finance Strategy - Part 4
Developing Financial Policies
Webinar Overview:
Developing an asset management plan should provide municipalities with tangible results that will guide municipal decision making to effectively manage assets. But how can municipalities develop clear direction that will help guide financial decisions and support funding asset management costs? This webinar will provide guidance on developing effective and feasible financial policies that will help municipalities support municipal asset management practices. The webinar will focus on effective policy development in the areas of reserves, debt financing and full lifecycle costs with reference to best practices from other municipalities.

What You will Learn:
The webinar will cover five key areas of learning:
  • Developing effective reserve policies for managing assets.
  • Debt financing as a tool for asset management.
  • Integrating the full lifecycle cost of assets into the municipal budget process.
  • Aligning the Strategic Asset Management Policy with financial policy.
  • Best practices from other municipalities.

Who Should Attend:
  • Municipal staff responsible for asset management or financial planning.

Benefits of Attending:
At the conclusion of the session, participants will:
  • Have a framework to develop an effective financial policy that is informed by the Asset Management Plan and aligns with the Strategic Asset Management Policy.
  • Have an understanding of aligning municipal budgets with asset lifecycle costs.
  • Have examples of best policy practices from other municipalities.

About your Presenters:

Andrew Mirabella is an Associate Partner with over ten years of professional experience at Hemson. Andrew has a comprehensive understanding of municipal user fees, asset management and development charge policy and implementation. Mr. Mirabella also has experience in other fields, including: water and sewer rate setting exercises, financial impact assessment, development planning, and growth management. Andrew is a member of both the Association of Ontario Land Economists and Lambda Alpha International (LAI).

Christopher Balette is an Associate at Hemson. With nearly a decade of experience in municipal finance and economics, Christopher has developed several asset management plans for municipalities across Ontario. Christopher is also an expert in municipal long-range financial planning, water and wastewater rate setting and fiscal impact analyses with significant experience developing complex financial models for municipalities. Christopher is a Professional Land Economist and member of the Association of Ontario Land Economists.
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