PSAB Update and Planning for Asset Retirement Obligations
PSAB Update and Planning for Asset Retirement Obligations
The Public Sector Accounting Board’s Handbook Section PS 3280, Asset Retirement Obligations (ARO) is soon entering into effect, for fiscal years beginning on or after April 1, 2022. This means that municipalities are soon entering the final stretches of their implementation plans for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2023. Are you ready to meet the requirements of this new standard? Do you have a full understanding of the potential retirement obligations that will apply to your municipality?

Last Chance to take this comprehensive training on ARO's and prepare for a successful implementation.

Online Workshop Description:
MFOA, in collaboration with KPMG, has developed a guideline document for municipalities to assist with implementation efforts, and key decision points on scoping, implementation, and measurement approaches. This online workshop will review the guideline document in detail, and then engage attendees in developing a tailored policy to kick start implementation. NOTE: this is a repeat of the content presented in our May/June 2021 ARO online workshops. 

Questions we will look to answer include:
  • Do you understand how the Guideline document can best assist your implementation efforts?
  • Do you understand specific assets which will be in scope for this section?
  • Do you understand how to efficiently and effectively approach scoping?
  • Do you know which transition option is right for your municipality?
  • Do you understand how to develop a policy on ARO’s for your municipality?

You Will Learn How To:
  • Gain a clear understanding for the scope, scale and requirements of the future asset retirement obligation standard
  • Understand the implications of the project on your organization
  • Gain a deep understanding of the guideline document, and how it can be applied as a tool
  • Develop a tailored policy on ARO’s specific to your municipality

Who Should Attend?
Local government staff that are responsible for financial reporting, or need to be aware of the impact of asset retirement obligations. NOTE: this is a repeat of the content presented in our May/June 2021 ARO online workshops.

About your Speaker:
     Bailey Church is a Partner in KPMG’s Accounting Advisory service line. Bailey has substantial experience in financial, accounting, and related services within the public sector, with a focus on complex accounting and reporting matters for municipalities.

Bailey has significant experience with financial and accounting matters for contaminated sites, asset retirement obligations, landfill sites, and nuclear decommissioning, and decommissioning trust funds. This is Bailey’s passion – he is excited to share it with you.

Bailey has developed and delivered numerous national training sessions on contaminated sites and asset retirement obligations. Bailey also led KPMG’s team working with the MFOA on the ARO guideline.
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