CyberSecurity Planning and Modernization
CyberSecurity Planning and Modernization
Most organizations, whether they be private or public sector, believe their level of risk to cybersecurity exposure is low and they are covered.

Both industry data on this subject along with Novipro's experience paints a very different picture, and that most of these same organizations have little understanding of their level of threat exposure. Are you sure you are protected? What specifically do you have to lose? How are organizations failing to prevent breaches? In fact, many organizations cannot articulate their cybersecurity readiness. The objective of this briefing is to understand your municipality's state of cybersecurity readiness and to identify the next steps in your municipality's journey to being prepared.

What You Will Learn:
  • Understand what a typical municipality has to lose in a cybersecurity breach.
  • This webinar may help identify issues with the level of cybersecurity readiness and threat exposure at your municipality.
  • Learn some tips & tricks to be more cyber-secure ready.
  • Identify the next steps in the journey to securing your municipality.
  • Employee behavior resulting in breaches

Who Should Attend:
  • Financial Officers, IT and security staff
  • Financial Officers who prioritize budget funding for security initiatives

About your webinar leaders:

Company description:
For the past 28 years, NOVIPRO Group is recognized as a catalyst for change in modernizing Information Technology. NOVIPRO is committed to optimizing your Municipal IT environment, taking into consideration each client’s starting point, capacity, resources and goals. We’re proud to offer ingenuity, expertise and an unfailing commitment to customer service.


Pierre Tocci, Senior Consultant, Transformation Strategy, NOVIPRO
Over the past 25 years, Pierre has been involved in the implementation of often cutting-edge technologies for his clients, and now acts as a strategic advisor to IT departments, helping them link their IT strategies to the objectives of 4.0 business technologies.

Roger Ouellet, Director, Security Practice, NOVIPRO
Roger Ouellet is the Director of NOVIPRO’s Security Practice. He has more than 25 years of experience in the IT field and holds various high-level professional credentials in the areas of data storage, operating systems, networking, security, business continuity and specialized software.


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