Asset Management Planning Powered By SAP Analytics Cloud

Asset Management Planning Powered By SAP Analytics Cloud
The purpose of this webinar is to introduce the audience to our company, VIZIO Consulting and the services we offer in implementing SAP Analytics Cloud based FP&A solutions.

Following a brief company overview and a list of our offered services, we will be doing a deep dive of our rapidly deployable planning & budgeting accelerators for Asset Management Planning and Asset Retirement Obligation Management built on SAP Planning Platform (SAP Analytics Cloud).

The outline of the presentation will be as follows:
  1. Company & Services Overview
  2. Demo 1: CAPEX – Asset Management Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud Using VIZIO’s accelerator template
  3. Demo 2: CAPEX – Asset Retirement Obligation in SAP Analytics Cloud Using VIZIO’s accelerator template
  4. Why Choose VIZIO & Our Upcoming Innovations
  5. Closing Remarks / QA

What You will Learn: Several key learning areas are to be touched upon in this workshop, which include:
  1. Accelerators built on the latest SAP Planning & Budgeting Platform (SAP Analytics Cloud)
  2. Complete integration of planning & budgeting solutions that are designed specifically keeping in mind the requirements of the public sector (regional and municipal governments)
  3. A single integrated solution for all your planning, reporting and analytics activities
  4. A single solution for What If Analysis, Variance Analysis, Allocations, Cost Transfers and Reserve Transfers
  5. In – year and multi – year planning capabilities (up to a max of 10 years)
  6. An extremely scalable budgeting process with a strict control and audit trail via a fully persona – based solution to segregate administrator, central finance, and planner activities
  7. A modern way to manage old and aging assets via integrating real life parameters and mitigation strategies
  8. Learning to plan, budget and prepare a business case and replace / retire assets at the same time.
  9. Learning asset retirement obligation management with a modern touch and learn how to record, manage, and terminate obligations, calculate NPV’s, calculate cash flows, tag retirement activities, generate postings and transfer CAPEX under one roof
  10. Discover the next generation of user interface and user experience working in planning & budgeting

Who Should Attend:
  • Municipal staff responsible for asset management or capital financial planning
  • Staff members working in planning & budgeting
  • Asset managers & plant managers
  • Accountants, Director of Finance, Financial Analyst, Finance Manager, IT Director, FP&A Manager, FP&A Analyst

Benefits of Attending: Through the course of this webinar participants can:
  1. Be the first to see how our solutions work
  2. Get the opportunity to experience an SAP planning platform
  3. Interact and ask questions about our solutions & business processes
  4. See a live demo that helps visualize how planning and budgeting takes place
  5. Understand that SAC is a one stop shop for all their planning, reporting & BI needs

About your Panel Moderators:

Asma Asaf has a background in Resource & Capacity Management from working at IBM. She joined VIZIO Consulting in a similar role but is now transitioning towards leading our marketing and event management activities while also learning about SAP Project Management.

Sajjad Hassan has over 20 years of experience of working within SAP Implementing planning & budgeting solutions within the public sector industry. He was brought onboard the VIZIO team as an SME and Solution Architect leading the development of our in – house-built planning & budgeting accelerators. During his career, Sajjad has designed and implemented SAP BW, BPC & SAC planning and budgeting solutions covering all types of scenarios.

3/1/2023 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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