MFOA's 2020 Virtual 
Conference is Open for Registration!


Join your colleagues at MFOA's 2020 Virtual Annual Conference & Exhibitor Showcase on September 22 – 25. We developed our conference based on the topic priorities you submitted to us. Our theme this year is Change. Challenge. Opportunity.

Find out what strategies are most effective and discover how your peers are tackling similar issues you're facing. The MFOA Annual Conference is the must-attend virtual conference for today’s municipal finance professional.

5 Reasons to Attend MFOA's Virtual Annual Conference

This year is a little different as we all work together to do the right thing and practice social distancing to beat COVID-19. This doesn’t mean you have to put your professional development and engagement with your colleagues on hold. We can continue on to connect virtually with the high quality programming you’ve come to expect from MFOA. 

1. "Meet" and Learn from the Best - MFOA's conference speakers, delegates, exhibitors and sponsors are at the forefront of the industry. This is a great opportunity to learn about best practices from other professionals that can be utilized at your municipality. 

2. Network - Make new connections with peers and find out how they are managing common challenges. Get to know potential vendors who could help your municipality.

3. Develop - Get equipped with the tools, strategies and actionable insights that can be brought back to your municipality. Explore new ways to  engage, learn and connect. Need professional development credits? By attending the MFOA conference, you can gain credits towards your continuing professional development (CPD) certification. Simply request your certificate after the conference.

4. Stay Relevant - If we want to stay relevant in our profession we must embrace, understand and integrate changes, new ideas and best  practices to our municipality. There is no better place to learn how to do this successfully than at the MFOA conference.

5. Inspire Your Team - Take what you have learned and share it with your team which in turn will positively affect your municipality’s bottom line.

2020 Virtual Conference Highlights Include
  • Leading Edge Case Studies
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Discussion Forums
  • Industry Experts at the Exhibitor Showcase
  • .. And much more!
NEW in 2020!
  • Access to ALL Sessions - your registration will give you full access to all of the sessions that will be taking place 
  • Recorded Sessions for sessions you are unable to attend, you will have 30 days post-conference to access the recordings
  • Ethics Training – have the opportunity to complete mandatory 4- hour ethics requirement outlined by CPA 
  • Conference Website – customize your conference program, add in calendar reminders to help you organize your schedule, access session information and materials, connect with the exhibitor experts and virtually network with your colleagues

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Keynote Speakers

Conference Schedule,
Session Abstracts & Speakers

Current Exhibitors

Discussion Forums

Conference Website

Technical Requirements

CPD Hours

Networking Events

Code of Conduct


Convince Your Boss Toolkit


Pricing - All Access Registration

MFOA understands the unique challenges that the pandemic has brought upon municipalities and organizations this year. As a result, we've developed a special pricing structure to support our members with continued opportunities to learn and network during this difficult time. 

Non-Member Rate
$525 per person 

Member Group Rate (for members from the same municipality only)

1st & 2nd person = $400 each 
3rd & 4th person = $300 each  
5th person = $100 each
6th person and any additional person from the same municipality = $0.00 each

NOTE: The maximum any member municipality will pay is $1,500 to attend the virtual conference! 

Each registration will provide an "All Access Pass" that includes 
- Access to all conference sessions and virtual networking events 
- Access to recorded sessions* 
- Ethics Training requirement outlined by the CPA 
- Ability to connect with vendors through our Exhibitor Showcase 
- And...much more! 
*Recorded sessions are subjected to approval by our session speakers 

Keynote Speakers

Doug Griffiths
President, 13 Ways Inc. and Bestselling Author, 13 Ways to Kill Your Community

Click to view Bio

Everything Is About To Change

Disruptions have impacted almost every industry, but our communities have remained relatively unchanged in the last 50 years. Until now. 2020 has changed everything, and Doug has spent his life in government and emergency management to help guide communities through this. There are some simple tools that Doug Griffiths can provide to help audiences navigate through change and uncertainty.

You will:
- Feel shock about the change coming to their community;
- Understand why they and others resist change, even when it is inevitable;
- Realize the greatest challenge to their community/organization is in not being prepared;
- Focus on what they can control
- Engage their community to feel the positive changes undertaking to deal with uncertainty
- Learn to address every element of a community that is affected by these changes 

Carla Rieger
CEO - The Artistry of Change Consulting Inc.

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The Artistry of Change: The Top 3 Habits of  Highly Resilient People

When most people face unexpected change, they tend to get reactive, problem-focused and defeated. Yet, it’s hard to rebuild and reinvent an organization, if you can’t shift how you’re viewing a situation. After 11 years of research, we have identified the top 3 habits of people who stay solutions-oriented, centered and agile in the face of unexpected change. 

We call these people “Change Artists”. The skills of a Change Artist don’t actually need to be learned. They are innate skills that you just need to remember to access. These habits of mind require little or no time or money, and simply train your brain to stay in a high a performance state, no matter what.

During this entertaining, interactive and practical presentation you will discover how to: 
- think more resourcefully when faced with seemingly impossible challenges
- help others move from a reactive to a solutions-oriented response when change hits
- create a culture of innovation in which open communication and engagement are the norm

The Artistry of Change® is an innovative system that blends diverse fields such as educational kinesiology, western and eastern psychology, change management theory, creative process models, and neuroscience. These fields are merging in exciting ways to produce what we call the indispensable 'Change Artist' who can bring your organization to the next level of effectiveness and excellence.  

Experience the power of creating a culture of innovation - a celebration of your work and those you serve.


Current Exhibitors

Click Here to View Our Current Exhibitors 
(Check back often for new additions!)


Conference Schedule, Session Abstracts & Speakers 

Click Here to View the Conference Schedule, Session Abstracts and Speaker Information
(Check back for updates and new additions!)

Discussion Forums

Continued in 2020! You asked for more time on the conference agenda for Discussion Forums, and we responded! Benefit from the additional opportunity Ask questions, share information and issues affecting your municipality, and gain valuable insights from your colleagues. Topics to be confirmed. 

Networking Events

Stay tuned! MFOA has some fun and engaging opportunities for you to virtually network with your colleagues.  

Conference Website

MFOA's conference website will help you stay connected and organized for your virtual experience. See more, do more and get more value out of the conference - right from your mobile (tablet or computer) device.

Access sessions, conference schedule, download presentations, connect with delegates & exhibitors, and much more...!

Technical Requirements

MFOA hosts all training using the zoom platform. We recommend you test your software in advance:

Click Here 
for a detailed guide on how to join a session. 
Click Here 
to test your audio connection.

If you are unable to attend a live session, you will also have access to the recordings which can be accessed through your web browser or a media player that supports mp4 format.

Requirements for Participation: 
Broadband/High Speed Internet Connection, Audio Speakers
Recommended for Optimal Experience: 
Headphones, Desktop or Laptop (versus tablet or mobile device), Computer Microphone or Access to a Telephone Line 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The MFOA Virtual Annual Conference, All Access Registration offers over 20 CPD qualifying hours* of professional development. This will include the mandatory 4 hours of ethics training outlined by the CPA! We will be providing you with instructions (via email) on how to request your certificate after the event is completed. 

*10+ Pre-Conference Sessions + Virtual Annual Conference Sept 22-25 = over 20 professional development hours 

Conference Code of Conduct

Click Here to Review Conference Delegate: Code of Conduct Rules & Regulations
Note: This document must be reviewed upon registering to attend the Virtual Conference


Contact Eunice Leung at  / 416-362-9001 ext. 225


Convince Your Boss Toolkit - What Else Do You Need to Make the Decision?

Below are just a few tools we've put together to help you convince your boss—or convince yourself—that MFOA's Virtual Annual Conference 2020 is the most important event you'll attend all year! 
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Tools for Convincing
Use the following tools to demonstrate the tangible benefits of attending MFOA's Virtual Annual Conference 2020 to your manager. These tools will show your manager that you’ve done your research, built your business case, and are serious about attending. Manager Letter
Customize this letter to help your manager understand why MFOA's Virtual Annual Conference 2020 is one of the most cost-effective and valuable conferences for you.

Session and Exhibitor Worksheet
Customize this worksheet to outline the sessions you will attend, and detail how these sessions will help solve any workplace challenges. Additionally, list the exhibitors you plan to visit; if you’re currently reviewing suppliers, this is the perfect opportunity to request demonstrations and see the products and services firsthand.

Employment Opportunities

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