Your candidates for the 2022 MFOA Board of Directors Election, and Vice-President Election are listed below. This year, there is one (1) Vice-President and one (1) Director position available for the term commencing on January 1, 2023 and ending on December 31, 2025. Click on the "More" link to see their full bio. 

The election will begin on Wednesday July 27. If you are a designated voter for your municipality, you will receive a ballot with further instructions on that day.

The Candidates

11Adam Found, PHD, PLEDear Members,

I am pleased to accept nomination for the office of Vice-President of the Municipal Finance Officers Association (MFOA) for the 2023-2025 term. Since 2014 I have been Manager of Corporate Assets for the City of Kawartha Lakes where I oversee asset management, capital budgeting and development charges. In 2019 I was honoured to be elected by you to the MFOA Board of Directors. As Kawartha Lakes is a single-tier, central Ontario municipality with a population of 75,000 spread over 3,000 Km2, my service on the Board has represented the full spectrum of municipal services, the concerns of municipalities of various sizes and locations, and the diverse interests of urban and rural communities.

The cornerstone of my academic background is a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Toronto, for which my dissertation focused on property taxation and amalgamation. As a professional economist specialized in municipal finance, I offer the Board a rare blend of experience and expertise from the municipal and academic sectors. I continue to work in these sectors, mainly through Kawartha Lakes, Trent University and other organizations such as the Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance (IMFG) at the University of Toronto. Recently, my academic work has focused on providing a robust economic rationalization for development charges (DCs), resulting in IMFG publications in 2019 and 2021. These two papers formalize the “growth should pay for growth” principle, dispel common DC myths, and provide a guideline for much-needed DC legislation reform.

Despite the pandemic, our Board has made significant accomplishments during my term as Director. Among these, I am most pleased with our successful effort to help convince the Province to reverse the ill-conceived DC reforms introduced by the 2019 More Homes, More Choice Act and related legislation. Following MFOA’s strong and persistent advocacy, the Province repealed the most problematic measures and introduced some positive changes (e.g. elimination of the arbitrary 10% deduction) during 2020-2021. Much work remains, however, to oppose unwise reforms proposed by the Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force and to bring the DC Act into conformity with the “growth should pay for growth” principle.

My sense is that MFOA should strengthen its advocacy in two general directions over the next decade. One is the easing of municipal administrative burdens (e.g. duplicative or onerous reporting) imposed by the Province. This requires appropriate legislative reform respective of preserving municipal accountability. The other direction is a greater focus on municipal autonomy. Relief from provincial paternalism is essential for municipalities to evolve into the mature and self-directed governments they ought to be. This requires an unrelenting recognition that municipalities, at their core, are meant to provide local public services in accordance with local circumstances, and that municipalities know those circumstances best.

The vision I am offering to take to the Board on your behalf is an Ontario comprised of strong, vibrant, diverse, sustainable, independent, autonomous, mature and self-directed municipalities. If you share in that vision, then please consider supporting my candidacy for Vice-President. Warm regards.

Adam Found, PhD, PLE
adam.pngDear Members, I am pleased to accept nomination for the office of Vice-President of the Municipal Finance Officers Association (MFOA) for the 2023-2025 term. Since
12Shelley Stedall, Dipl.B.Adm.Shelley Stedall, Director of Corporate Services /Treasurer with South Frontenac, (a progressive rural municipality of 20,000, north of Kingston) is a seasoned Municipal Treasurer with over 25 years in rural, small urban municipalities as well as experience as a Senior Municipal Financial Advisor with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH).

Shelley’s career in Municipal finance has been with Single Tiers and Lower Tiers including North Dumfries, Trent Hills, Asphodel Norwood, the City of Quinte West, and the Town of Smiths Falls. These work experiences have given her the opportunity to participate in the Eastern Ontario Treasurers group and in various area treasurer groups in each county and region. Shelley has also been a marker for the AMCTO MAP courses, has delivered seminars and training, including the MFOA/GFOA Budgeting workshop series, and updated the AMCTO MAP Units, which Dick Tindal originally wrote.

In addition to working as a Municipal Treasurer, Shelley worked for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) as a Senior Municipal Finance Advisor. In this role, she worked with Eastern Ontario Municipalities, Municipal Advisors from across the province, branches within MMAH as well as other Ministries which have an impact on municipal finance (MOI, MAF).

Shelley was on the MFOA board for years, but due to provincial restrictions was required to step down when working for the province. She would be honoured to be able to work on the MFOA board with the current board members and for the many members of MFOA in the post-pandemic world.

Shelley will represent all municipal finance staff in Ontario. While she has the experience and understanding of the small rural and urban with populations under 25,000, she has spoken with many Treasurers who work in various sized municipalities, in various locations, including the West, North, Central, and East. Her experience and communications with other municipal professionals and MAP3 students have helped her understand that the concerns going forward are the same. All municipalities in Ontario face challenges in our post-pandemic world related to inflation, supply chain issues, and major staff shifts. Affordable housing and pressures from the provincial to encourage housing development, and lower housing costs, including property taxes, will all be challenges that municipalities have to deal with for the next few years. A sound understanding of the effects of these changes on municipal budgeting will be important for municipal finance professionals and the MFOA is one of their greatest resources in being able to get through these challenges with the best outcomes.

Specifically, Shelley will work to promote:
  • Networking and Training, both in person and virtually.
  • Youth and New Municipal Finance professionals networking.
  • Timely communication of municipal finance issues and ongoing activities of MFOA.

Shelley has always found that the many members of MFOA, including members of the board, and consultants with MFOA and MFOA staff have been a huge resource to her and if re-elected she will continue to be a resource for them.
shelley.pngShelley Stedall, Director of Corporate Services /Treasurer with South Frontenac is a seasoned Municipal Treasurer working in rural, small urban municipalities and with the province.
13Nicole Pincombe, CPA, CMANicole is the Director, Business Planning and Budgets at the Region of Durham. She is a CPA, CMA with over 15 years experience in municipal finance. Prior to joining the Region in 2015, Nicole was the Executive Director of Finance/Treasurer for the City of Oshawa. At the Region of Durham, Nicole leads the development of the Region’s long-term financial forecasts, annual business plans and budgets, and corporate asset management program. Nicole and her team have recently initiated a multi-year project to review and modernize the business planning and budget process which includes reviewing and streamlining processes, procuring and implementing a new integrated business planning, budget and forecast system and embedding enhanced public engagement into the annual process. In her spare time, Nicole is a member of the Board of Directors and Treasurer for a local non-profit organization providing personal support and assisted living to adults with physical challenges so they can remain independent in their community.

  1. What interests will you represent as a Board member? I have first-hand experience in municipal finance in both a lower-tier municipality and a rapidly growing upper-tier municipality, both in the eastern part of the GTHA. As a member of the Board, I would listen to ensure I understand the interests and perspectives of all municipalities regardless of location and size.
  2. What is your vision of where the MFOA should be headed in the next ten years? In a time of pandemic recovery and rapid economic change, with increased public demands for transparency and engagement, many municipalities face significant challenges in ensuring long-term financial sustainability. As the collective voice of the municipal sector, MFOA will need to continue ensuring that all our municipalities are heard proactively at the provincial and federal levels which includes providing feedback on proposed policy and legislative changes. MFOA must continue to support municipalities in providing relevant training and sharing of resources and advice, tailored to the unique needs of our diverse membership. Working with the post-secondary sector and professional associations, MFOA will need to highlight careers in municipal finance to attract new candidates to consider employment in the sector.
  3. What will you accomplish as a Board member for the 2023 to 2025 term? If I have the honour of being elected as a member of the Board, I will listen to the contributions of others, share my experiences and knowledge, and seek feedback to further strengthen MFOA’s advocacy and supports for the municipal finance sector. I would like to see a continued focus on developing resources and support that meet the needs of diverse municipalities through dedicated training materials, shared resources and focused research projects. I will work to enhance MFOA’s advocacy to the provincial and federal governments, including partnering with other associations to advance member concerns and to provide early feedback on potential legislation and policy changes.
nicole.pngNicole is the Director, Business Planning and Budgets at the Region of Durham. Prior to joining the Region in 2015, Nicole was the Executive Director
6Cindy Laprade, CPA, CMAI am running for a position as a Director on the MFOA Board of Directors and I would very much appreciate your support.

Information, training and knowledge sharing is esstential when it comes to the ever changing world of municipal finance and public sector accounting. MFOA is the organization that provides this valuable information.

If elected to the Board I will represent the interests of small municipalities where we wear many different hats, the workload is very heavy, everything is due now and we have very few staff because no one wants to raise taxes to pay for another position. This is where information and knowledge sharing is so important. We need each other. We need MFOA.

I will bring a great deal of financial experience and knowledge to the table. While I have only been a Treasurer for 6 years, I have worked for over 46 years in many different organizations including the Office of the Comptroller General Canada, CRA, Hydro Ottawa, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, City of Gloucester, Conference Board of Canada. I am also on MFOA’s Accounting and Financial Reporting Committee and the ARO Committee.

Over the next 10 years I would like to see MFOA’s involvement with PSAB continue to grow with at least one member from a small municipality represented on the Public Sector Accounting Board. I know that MFOA is working hard to try and help with new PSAB standards (ARO) but many of us seem to be scrambling as well as being misled by consultants who just want to make more money. I am a person who likes detailed, step by step, “How To” instructions. Wouldn’t that just be a wonderful thing for the ARO implementation, if that were possible. I also wonder how we can use different transitional options, e.g., prospective, retrospective, modified retrospective to record these ARO costs when all these costs have to be rolled up at the provincial level.

What I would hope to accomplish as a Board member is to provide advice and guidance on the development of new training plans, the development of mentoring programs for new Treasurers and perhaps even new Treasurer/Council mentoring programs.

I hope you will support me by electing me as a Director on the MFOA Board of Directors for the 2023-2025 term. Thank you.
cindy.pngI am running for a position as a Director on the MFOA Board of Directors and I would very much appreciate your support.
8André Morin, CGA, CPAHello fellow Municipal financial professionals. I have been privileged to grow and learn from all of you over the last almost 20 years – it is now time for me to give back. Please consider voting for me for the Director position with MFOA.

What I love about the Municipal sector is our willingness to share and help each other. If elected to the Board, I would continue to promote the sharing, collaboration, and assistance we provide each other. Further to collaborating within our membership, I believe MFOA and the other municipal associations have done a great job over the last few years of better working together; I would like to see that continue to improve. As a collective, we will have more ability to encourage positive change – MFOA should play a key role as almost every municipal issue comes back to municipal finances. This hopefully will lead to municipalities being more effective and efficient as our scope of responsibilities continues to increase.

As well, I would like to see our members go from being “Municipal Finance Leaders” to “Municipal Leaders”. More and more the role of Finance leaders is evolving – how can we make sure our members are prepared not only for complexities of our finance roles but any municipal leadership role. Further to this, I believe there is an opportunity to engage and educate our fellow colleagues in other municipal disciplines to understand how their finance leaders can assist them – all too often Finance is regarded as a barrier and not a partner. Together we can change this narrative!

Why elect me? I have almost 20 years of municipal experience, not only in finance, but in many disciplines including CAO, Finance, IT, Clerks, Economic Development, HR and even a short time with MPAC. I feel I can represent the small to mid-size municipalities, along with understanding the unique nuances of our Northern municipalities. I started my municipal career in my hometown of Atikokan in Northwestern Ontario – 4 years as Treasurer and 5 years as CAO. I worked as the Director of Corporate Services in the City of Stratford for over 6 years. I spent 18 months as Regional Manager with MPAC before coming back to where I belong as the Treasurer for the Town of St. Marys in 2019.

Thank you vey much for the consideration as a potential MFOA board member. I would be grateful to have opportunity to continue the great work MFOA provides to our sector.


André Morin
andre.pngHello fellow Municipal financial professionals. I have been privileged to grow and learn from all of you over the last almost 20 years – it is
2Caleb DenOuden, CPA, CMACaleb is the Director of Finance at the City of Quinte West, a single-tier municipality with a population of just under 50,000. With 11 years of experience at the City, Caleb last represented the MFOA as President of the YPN (Young Professionals Network) in 2014.

1) What interests will you represent on the Board? (ex. geography, size, experience) As an eastern Ontario municipality with a mix of urban and rural populations, Quinte West experiences many of the same challenges as our peers. In the last ten years I have worked as Financial analyst, Supervisor, Manager and now Director of Finance. I have benefited from the training and networking provided by MFOA. I will represent municipalities in issues around: Asset Management, Using Technology and Data to improve services, and Provincial Policy discussions.

2) What is your vision of where the MFOA should be headed in the next ten years?
  1. MFOA should continue its great work in providing municipalities with services that are not feasible for individual municipalities to accomplish on their own. This includes training services, investing options, and shared information.
  2. MFOA should continue to be actively involved in discussions on Provincial Policies. As an example, Asset Management requirements need to have more specific parameters and shared resources to ensure results are consistent across all municipalities.
  3. Data and open government will become a more pressing issue over the coming years. MFOA will need to assist with resources and/or advocate for the province to move the FIR into the 21st century.
3) What will you accomplish as a Board member for the 2023-2025 term?
  1. Asset Management: We need to determine how municipalities are going to maintain asset management planning in a sustainable and consistent way. MFOA will need to advocate for the next level of AM Planning that encourages the use of shared resources and common parameters for evaluating results.
  2. Continue to advocate for Provincial Policy that requires; i)consistent funding with less application-based funding programs, and ii) outcomes that outweigh the costs of implementation
  3. We need to ensure we protect municipal funds and data from cyber-attacks
  4. Discuss different options for municipal insurance issues
  5. Finding ways to deal with the staff turnover in the Municipal Finance Workforce and assisting municipalities with shared resources for tasks and projects that are more specialized
  6. Discuss creative ways to protect municipalities from Inflation and expand the use of the Prudent Investor standard to more municipalities that can benefit from it.
caleb.pngCaleb is the Director of Finance at the City of Quinte West, a single-tier municipality with a population of just under 50,000. With 11

Vice President




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