How will MPAC’s Service Level Agreement Benefit You?
How will MPAC’s Service Level Agreement Benefit You?
In December, MPAC will begin implementing its Service Level Agreement (SLA) to all municipalities in Ontario. This means, starting in January 2018, municipalities will be able to measure MPAC's performance in 14 key service areas.

Webinar Overview:

Jointly developed in partnership with municipalities, the SLA is MPAC’s promise to deliver timely, accurate and measurable products and services. Both MPAC and municipalities play a key role in delivering on this promise, and the SLA outlines the roles and responsibilities of each party, details the specific measures for success, and includes a process to address service disruptions caused by MPAC’s failure to achieve service standards, or a municipality’s failure to perform its dependencies.

This webinar is your chance to learn more about the SLA, your municipal role, and how through greater collaboration and information sharing, municipalities can expect more stable, transparent and predictable levels of service delivery from MPAC.

What You Will Learn:
  • More about the SLA and what the specific Service Levels are
  • MPAC’s plan for province-wide implementation in 2018
  • What is MPAC’s commitment, and what role does the municipality play in meeting this commitment
  • How Service Level disruption will be addressed
Who Should Attend?
  • Municipal Treasurers and CAOs
  • Other staff responsible for municipal assessment
Benefits of Attending - Participants can expect to:
  • Learn about the SLA and MPAC/municipal roles and responsibilities related to the 14 service areas
  • Understand how the SLA will provide more stable, transparent and predictable levels of service delivery from MPAC
  • Gain insight about how the SLA will support municipalities to manage their assessment base

About your Webinar Leader:
Joe Regina is MPAC’s Regional Manager of Municipal and Stakeholder Relations for the City of Toronto. Joe has had the opportunity to lead a number of corporate initiatives, with his most recent assignment being the Service Level Agreement Project.

His career began in the Property Assessment Division of the Ministry of Finance in 1988. Since then, Joe was the Valuation Manager of Industrial portfolio of properties in Central Ontario in addition to the Valuation Manager of Residential Properties in Southern Ontario at MPAC, a role which included a Provincial portfolio of Timeshare, Life-lease, Co-operative and Condominium properties.

Joe is a Member of the Institute of Municipal Assessors and holds a Property Assessment certificate from the University of British Columbia as well as a Diploma in Real Property Administration from Seneca College.


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