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MFOA's monthly e-Newsletter includes updates on proposed provincial legislation and regulation that affects Ontario's municipalities. You can view the table below including links to read the full legislation or regulation. 

Last updated: June 13, 2018

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Bill/Regulation/Review Status  Proposed Changes/Highlights  MFOA Action 
 Bill 3, Pay Transparency Act, 2018      Royal Assent, May 7, 2018          The Act establishes requirements relating to the disclosure of information about the compensation of employees and prospective employees
Bill 14, Personal Information Protection Act, 2018  Died on the order paper The Act applies to every organization, which is defined as including persons, unincorporated associations and other organizations but does not include certain individuals, public bodies and Ontario Courts. N/A
 Bill 16, Respecting Municipal Authority Over Landfilling Sites Act, 2018  Died on the order paper The Bill amends the Environmental Assessment Act to provide that the Minister shall not give approval to proceed with an undertaking in respect of a landfilling site within a municipality or on a reserve unless the municipal council or the council of the band, as the case may be, passes a resolution supporting the establishment of the landfilling site. N/A
Bill 12, Sewage Bypass Reporting Act, 2018   Died on the order paper The Ontario Water Resources Act is amended to require municipalities that own or operate a water treatment facility, or persons who operate such a facility under an agreement with or with the consent of a municipality, to report certain information to the Ministry in cases where they divert sewage into waters that may impair its quality. N/A 
 Bill 23, Aggregate Recycling Promotion Act, 2018  Died on the order paper
 The Bill prohibits any person or body that forms part of the public sector from refusing to consider a bid for construction work or from refusing to enter into a contract for construction work for the sole reason that the work, or any part of it, can or will be performed using aggregates that are not newly produced.  N/A
 Places to Grow Act, 2005  Comments extended to June 19, 2018  The Province is seeking feedback on two draft technical guidance documents that help municipalities (1) plan for Growth Plan targets and (2) bring their official plans into conformity with the Growth Plan.  Monitoring
Bill 31, Plan for Care and Opportunity Act (Budget Measures), 2018   Royal Assent May 8, 2018  Schedule 1 amends the Assessment Act, 1990. A new property tax exemption is provided for land that is used as a non-profit child care centre in a location that would be exempt if it were occupied by the land's owner.

New rules are set out to clarify the interaction between the Assessment Act and the Municipal Tax Assistance Act with respect to crown lands that have tenants.

Starting after 2020, the day as of which land is valued for each general reassessment is changed to January 1 of the year that precedes by two years the first taxation year to which the reassessment applies.

Annual statements by railway companies are required to show such other information related to the operation or use of the railway as may be prescribed.

The Minister's powers in the Assessment Act to make regulations are expanded to include powers with respect to the procedure for determining whether land is in an optional property class or optional property subclass.
 Bill 63, Restoring Planning Powers to Municipalities Act, 2018  Died on the order paper The Bill amends the Planning Act to reverse the effect of the amendments made to the Act by Schedule K to the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009.  Those amendments exempted renewable energy undertakings from the normal application of the Planning Act, including policy statements, provincial plans, official plans, demolition control by-laws, zoning by-laws and development permit regulations and by-laws.
 Bill 19, Ontario Forestry Revitalization Act (14 Storey Wood Frame Buildings), 2018  Died on the order paper The Bill amends the Building Code Act, 1992 to provide that the building code shall not prohibit a building that
 is 14 storeys or less in building height from being of wood frame construction.


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