MFOA's 2018 Annual Conference
is Open for Registration!

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." - Henry Ford


Join your colleagues at MFOA's 2018 Annual Conference & Trade Show at Sheraton On The Falls Hotel in Niagara Falls September 19 – 21. We have built our conference based on the topic priorities you submitted to us. Our theme this year is COLLABORATE - We're Better Together.

Find out what strategies are most effective and discover how your peers are tackling similar issues you're facing. The MFOA Annual Conference is the must-attend conference for today’s municipal finance professional.

2018 Conference Highlights Include:
  • Leading Edge Case Studies
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Valuable Networking Opportunities
  • Discussion Forums
  • Industry Experts at the Exhibitor’s Tradeshow
  • Gala Dinner and Live Entertainment
  • .. And much more!

Continued in 2018!
  • LIVE STREAMING – register an individual or a group and attend the conference virtually!
  • TUESDAY WORKSHOP – maximize your travel budget, extend your conference and benefit from the additional professional development opportunity
  • MOBILE MICROSITE – customize your conference program, access session information and materials, connect with the exhibitor experts and network with your colleagues
Keynote Speakers:

Gord Hume
One of Canada’s Leading Proponents of Creating Great Cities
Making smarter decisions, utilizing new technology, intelligent infrastructure investments, new municipal revenue opportunities and seeking a more muscular municipal clout: Effective local government of tomorrow will be different from the past—or even today.

Join keynote speaker Gord Hume as he explores the future of our cities and how you will utilize Artificial Intelligence and Data analytics, develop more Resilient Cities, require strong leadership, and other key elements needed to build robust cities that can compete in the global economy.

“This is not a time for the weak and meek in city halls,” says Hume.

Meg Soper
Motivational Humourist Speaker
  This light hearted, high energy and interactive presentation sheds a humorous light on some of the stresses we face in our lives. It will demonstrate how shifting our perspective and living with balance will help us build resilience. There is an emphasis on how we create our own positive environment by how we communicate with ourselves and the people we live and work with. We can be mindful of using both sides of our brain. This presentation also celebrates the generational diversity of our teams and the fact that we are better together. This presentation will entertain and inspire while leaving participants with some tangible strategies to bolster their sense of resilience!

Visit the following links for more conference details:

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Click Here to View the Session Abstracts 
Click Here to View Our Current Exhibitors 
(Check back often for new additions)
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Scam Alert
​Please note in past years we have had non-accredited organizations contacting individuals regarding the MFOA Conference. These companies may offer to help book your guest rooms for our conference at a discounted rate. MFOA is not affiliated with any of these groups. Please do not provide them your personal information or credit card details. MFOA has arranged room blocks directly with Sheraton on the Falls Hotel. You can book your room using the online link provided above or by contacting the reservation line directly. 


Live Stream Details: 
you can now register an individual or a group and attend the conference virtually! The live stream registration will include all Thursday and Friday plenary sessions in the main room as well as the most popular concurrent session for each of the following blocks:

  Thursday, Sept 20 Discussion Forum @ 11:25 AM -12:15 PM
Concurrent Sessions @ 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM AND 3:00 PM- 4:00 PM
  Friday, Sept 21 Concurrent Sessions @ 9:15 AM-10:15 AM AND 10:45 AM -11:45 AM

The concurrent sessions will be confirmed based on the session popularity pulled from the registrations. We will post the confirmed sessions that will be included in the live stream session by August 31, 2018.

What Our Members Have Said About the Live Stream Experience: 
"Very Convenient for all of us. With this system, I am able to learn while saving travel time and able to be in the office with my  colleagues." - C. Atman, Town of Richmond Hill

"Love this idea - I am remote and it is difficult for me to take the time or have the expense of traveling."- B. Coulson, Town of Atikokan
Continuing Professional Development (CPD):
The MFOA Annual Conference 2018 qualifies for over 16* verifiable CPD credits. Simply request your certificate after the conference by email to 
*For delegates who register to attend the full 3 day conference in person + Tuesday workshop
*Delegates who attend via Livestream can qualify for up to 7.25 CPD credits

Top 5 Reasons to Attend MFOA's Annual Conference:

Meet and Learn from the Best
- the MFOA conference speakers, attendees and exhibitors are at the forefront of the industry. This is a great  opportunity to learn about best practices from other professionals that can be applied to your municipality. 

    Network - Make new connections with peers and find out how they are managing common challenges. Meet potential vendors who could help your municipality.

  Develop - Get equipped with the tools, strategies and actionable insights that can be brought back to your municipality. Explore new ways to  engage, learn and connect. Need professional development credits? By attending the MFOA conference, you can gain credits towards your continuing professional development (CPD) certification. Simply request your certificate after the conference.
Stay Relevant
- If we want to stay relevant in our profession we must embrace, understand and integrate changes, new ideas and best  practices to our municipality. There is no better place to learn how to do this successfully than at the MFOA conference.

  Inspire Your Team - Take what you have learned and share it with your team which in turn will positively affect your municipality’s bottom line.

What Else Do You Need to Make the Decision?
Below are just a few tools we've put together to help you convince your boss—or convince yourself—that MFOA's Annual Conference 2018 is the most important event you'll attend all year!
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Tools for Convincing
Use the following tools to demonstrate the tangible benefits of attending MFOA's Annual Conference 2018 to your manager. These tools will show your manager that you’ve done your research, built your business case, and are serious about attending. Manager Letter
Customize this letter to help your manager understand why MFOA's Annual Conference 2018 is one of the most cost-effective and valuable conferences for you.

Session and Exhibitor Worksheet
Customize this worksheet to outline the sessions you will attend, and detail how these sessions will help solve any workplace challenges. Additionally, list the exhibitors you plan to visit; if you’re currently reviewing suppliers, this is the perfect opportunity to request demonstrations and see the products and services firsthand.

Investment Worksheet
Fill out this worksheet to approximate the financial investment required for you to attend.

Employment Opportunities

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